Advanced Dynamo Industries, Inc.

Our company was formed as a solution to an age old problem in mobile health clinics and specialty vehicles industry wide - the generator.

Our Story

Over 15 years ago Advanced Dynamo, Inc. set out to solve one of the most common problems that many specialty vehicle operators had come across - a lack of power and longevity in their generator.   The majority of mass market generators did not provide enough power for their intended use.  These mass market generators also wore out far too quickly.  So we designed the solution - a series of generators that provided maximum power, long life, and maximum cooling  in a minimum amount of space.

We started with the Nissan engine based CG-13.  After several years we upgraded our design to our 400 series gasoline generators using a Hyundai engine.  In 2019 we developed the new 500 series which uses a Kubota cast iron engine for gasoline, diesel and LPG fuel sources.  All of these generators were specifically designed for the Winnebago body - both commercial and RV shells.  The 500 series generators fit in the standard Winnebago generator compartment with minimal modification.  They have a proven 10,000 to 15,000+ hour duty rating.  Unlike many of the other products in the marketplace, our generators are rated on a continuous duty cycle, not peak power.

Advanced Dynamo has received several patents on the CG-13, 400 and 500 series generators, as well as for the industry exclusive exhaust/heat riser system which dramatically reduces heat and lengthens the lifespan of the generator.  Our generators can be fully customized to suit your operating climate and power needs.  Contact us today to see how an Advanced Dynamo generator can help your specialty vehicle run longer and cooler as well as more efficiently and smoothly.