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The Generator is one of the most important components in any mobile health clinic or other specialty use service vehicle. It is your primary remote power. Selection of the right generator can make all the difference in vehicle interior noise levels, interior space temperature comfort, and on board equipment operational performance. Undersized, unsophisticated and undependable mass market generators have all demonstrated their serious shortcomings in the demanding long-term operational environments of these mobile working vehicles.

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Experience and Perfomance

For over 15 years, Advanced Dynamo Industries, Inc. has been providing innovative design leadership and manufacturing excellence in high kW output, long-life generators for these demanding mobile applications. Starting with the highly dependable first generation Nissan engine based CG-13, and continuing today with the unsurpassed performance of the current generation Hyundai engine based 416 Series gasoline generators, Advanced Dynamo has been the performance leader with compact, super quiet, powerful and easy to maintain high output generators. The patented 416 Series of gasoline generators are available in 12.5kW, 15kW and 17kW outputs of continuous duty power, and are rated for 10,000 hours of operational life with the regular recommended 400 hour maintenance intervals and when installed with the Heat/Exhaust Riser Pipe System.

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Diesel Options

Advanced Dynamo also offers a super quiet diesel generator with a 15kW continuous output rating (either Kubota or Perkins engine based).

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Generator Build Options

All of the Advanced Dynamo generators can be customized to your particular operating environment, include an additional oil cooler for very high ambient temperature operating locations or engine heat capture with interior heat exchangers and block heaters in very cold operating locations.

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Patented Heat Management System

We highly recommend the utilization of the ADyI patented Heat/Exhaust Riser Pipe System with all out generator models to insure that the generator exhaust fumes do not enter the vehicle’s interior through any open windows or entrance doors. As well, this system is designed to extract the high operation heat of the catalytic converter away from the generator unit, significantly reducing its ambient operating temperatures and promoting a longer service life.

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Standard Compartment Installation

All of the Advanced Dynamo generators are specifically designed to install in to the standard Winnebago class A commercial and RV shell’s rear generator compartments with a minimal amount of compartment modification. Installation instructions, templates and technical assistance are always available during normal business hours.

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Please feel free to contact us with any questions or specific vehicle design application concerns you may have. Thank you for your interest and time in visiting Advanced Dynamo Industries, Inc. website.

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